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  1. Coarobo GK does not collect any personal data other than the information entered by the visitors via the contact form.
  2. Coarobo GK does not track the visitors on its website nor save cookies on their devices.
  3. Coarobo GK does not disclose, share, or sell any of the collected data with third parties.
  4. Coarobo GK anonymously collects some technical data for basic analytics purpose and website administration.


Coarobo GK uses static HTML pages to render its website that do not execute obfuscated code on the devices of the visitors.


Coarobo GK is registered in the Kyoto Prefecture with the corporate number 3130003006326.

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Coarobo GK's Founder Interviewed by JETRO Kyoto
press-release interview article
Coarobo GK's Founder Interviewed by JETRO Kyoto

Coarobo GK was interviewed by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Kyoto to introduce its business activities in an article published by the Kyoto Overseas Business Center.