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  • L. El Hafi, G. A. Garcia Ricardez, F. von Drigalski, Y. Inoue, M. Yamamoto, and T. Yamamoto, “Software Development Environment for Collaborative Research Workflow in Robotic System Integration”, in RSJ Advanced Robotics (AR), Special Issue on Software Framework for Robot System Integration, vol. 36, no. 11, pp. 533-547, Jun. 3, 2022. DOI: 10.1080/01691864.2022.2068353 [International journal article, peer-reviewed.]

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  • Kyoto Overseas Business Center, “Coarobo GK: The Bridge between Academic Research and Industrial Integration in the Fields of Service Robotics and Artificial Intelligence”, Jan. 31, 2022. Link: [Domestic interview.]

  • SmartCitiesWorld, “Kyoto: The Japanese Start-Up Community Powering the Future of Smart Cities (Part 2)”, Nov. 02, 2021. Link: [International conference webinar.]

  • SmartCitiesWorld, “The Kyoto Start-Ups Shaping Smart and Sustainable Cities”, Oct. 27, 2021. Link: [International conference webinar.]

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Coarobo GK's Research on SDE Published in Advanced Robotics
press-release research article
Coarobo GK's Research on SDE Published in Advanced Robotics

Coarobo GK published its research on a containerized Software Development Environment (SDE) for robotic system integration in Advanced Robotics, an international peer-reviewed journal, in open access.