Coarobo GK's Research on SDE Published in Advanced Robotics


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Published: Jun 3, 2022 by

Coarobo GK’s Research on SDE Published in Advanced Robotics

Kyoto, Japan — Coarobo GK published its research on a containerized Software Development Environment (SDE) for robotic system integration in Advanced Robotics, an international peer-reviewed journal, in open access.

The paper, entitled “Software Development Environment for Collaborative Research Workflow in Robotic System Integration”, was co-authored by several researchers of Coarobo GK, including Lotfi El Hafi, Gustavo Garcia, and Felix von Drigalski, in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), OMRON SINIC X Corporation, Osaka Institute of Technology (OIT), Panasonic Corporation, and Toyota Motor Corporation. Its main contributions are summarized in the abstract below:

“Today’s robotics involves a large range of knowledge and skills across many disciplines. This issue has recently come to light as robotics competitions attract more talented teams to tackle unsolved problems. Although the tasks are challenging, the preparation cycles are usually short. The teams involved, ranging from academic institutions to small startups and large companies, need to develop and deploy their solutions with agility. Therefore, this paper introduces a containerized Software Development Environment (SDE) based on a collaborative workflow relying on open-source technologies for robotic system integration and deployment. The proposed SDE enables the collaborators to focus on their individual expertise and rely on automated tests and unattended simulations. The analysis of the adoption of the proposed SDE shows that several research institutions successfully deployed it in multiple international competitions with various robotic platforms.”

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