Company Profile

Company Profile


"Provide the necessary expertise and toolchains to lower the technological barriers of robotics with continuous integration so that multidisciplinary teams of researchers and developers can make abstraction of complex deployment processes to implement their innovative solutions faster."


Coarobo GK contributes to its mission by creating and maintaining software development environments in the form of encapsulated containers as a deployment vehicle for researchers and developers in the fields of service robotics and artificial intelligence.


  • Educate Experts

  • Share Knowledge

  • Provide Tooling


After implementing a custom networking solution from scratch for deploying their winning robotics solution at the Airbus Shopfloor Challenge 2016, the founders of Coarobo GK realized the value of open-source standard software and started building an open, learnable framework with simple instructions to leverage its power.

After several iterations at multiple internat robotics competitions such as the Amazon Robotics Challenge 2017 and the World Robot Summit 2018/2020, they released the result for companies and laboratories to use freely, and began to offer premium support and lectures through Coarobo GK.


  1. Oct. 2014 Coarobo GK founders meet for the first time.

  2. Mar. 2018 Coarobo GK founders receive their PhD in robotics.

  3. Apr. 2019 Coarobo GK is envisioned for the first time.

  4. Oct. 2019 Coarobo GK is selected by ATR Unicorn for incubation.

  5. Dec. 2019 Coarobo GK is officially incorporated in Kyoto, Japan.

  6. Sep. 2020 Coarobo GK signs its first business contract.


Coarobo GK is registered as a godo kaisha (合同会社), abbreviated GK, in the Kyoto Prefecture with the corporate number 3130003006326.

The official registration page of Coarobo GK can be found in the Social Security and Tax Number System of the Japan National Tax Agency.