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Robotics Expertise・ロボット工学専門

Containerized Development・コンテナ化開発

Coarobo GK creates and maintains software development environments in the form of encapsulated containers as a deployment vehicle for researchers and developers in the fields of service robotics and artificial intelligence.

Our solutions are free and open-source. We provide premium expertise for on-premises installation, training, deployment, support and custom features upon request.

Key Benefits・主な利点

  • Develop on any machine, confirm in simulation and run on yours.

  • Maintain and sync multiple development machines with ease.

  • Accelerate solution prototyping during research and development.

Open Source・オープンソース

Powered by state-of-the-art open-source software such as ROS, Docker, GitLab, Gazebo, MoveIt and more, you will stand on the shoulders of giants, be in full control of your system, and avoid proprietary ecosystems or vendor lock-ins that prevent long-term vision.

Real-World Tested・実環境へ対応

Our framework has been successfully deployed publicly at international robotics competitions in numerous scenarios, ranging from service robots in convenience stores to industrial robot arms in manufacturing cells.

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Coarobo GK's Founder Interviewed by JETRO Kyoto
press-release interview article
Coarobo GK's Founder Interviewed by JETRO Kyoto

Coarobo GK was interviewed by the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Kyoto to introduce its business activities in an article published by the Kyoto Overseas Business Center.