Coarobo GK Mentioned at the 10th iHR Symposium

Coarobo GK Mentioned at the 10th iHR Symposium

Kyoto, Japan — Coarobo GK was mentioned in an invited lecture at the 10th Symposium of the Intelligent Home Robotics Research Committee (iHR10).

The lecture, entitled "Introduction to Efficient Source Code Management for Team Collaboration on Robotics Projects", was conducted by Lotfi El Hafi, President & Founder of Coarobo GK, who had been invited by the Japan Intelligent Home Robotics Research Committee (iHR) to share his experience in leading robotics projects, as described by the abstract below:

"The presentation describes the strategies and tools successfully deployed by the members of the HSR Software Development Environment Working Group (Toyota HSR Community) and Team NAIST-RITS-Panasonic (Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Ritsumeikan University, Panasonic Corporation) to 1) collaborate on large robotics projects in academia, and 2) participate in international robotics competitions. In particular, the presentation describes how to introduce multiple layers of abstraction between the different components and processes to enable the collaborators to focus on their individual expertise and rely on automated tests and simulations from the system. The ultimate goal is to share our proven experience in international competitions with other interdisciplinary teams to help them efficiently work together on large robotics projects."

A recording of the lecture, performed in Japanese, can be found on the official YouTube channel of iHR.

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